Who am I?

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Gail Jacobsen- Founder of Emethy® for 36 years!

My History

I was born in San Francisco where I spent my first 24 years.  As a child I was gifted with insightful visions of where life would led me.  Feelings of bliss began during my early years, knowing there was a higher power orchestrating everything.  Searching for truth along with curiosity led me to a world of mystery and wonder.  I spent many days during my younger years sitting on a bluff overlooking the endless sea near San Francisco's Cliff House.  There I envisioned traveling the world in search of finding answers to life’s mysteries.  A great sense of humor engulfed the more serious side of this quest.  “Life without humor is like a body without a soul” 

An insatiable pull led me toHealth and healing.  I was blessed with AGIFT for patching up injuredcats &Dogs from a very early age.  Nature has a cure for all ailments was my inherent belief.  

At the age of 24 I had the great good fortune of working on a World ClassCruise Ship called The Royal Viking Star.  The Royal Viking Lines hired over 34 different nationalities in which American's were rare and few to be hired onboard.  I worked on all of RVL's 3 Sister ships- The Star, Sky and Sea, sailing the world for over 7 years.   I learned more during that time span than any school could have ever taught me.  

In 1981 a unique modality called Emethy® saved my life while on a sightseeing safari in Zimbabwe.  From that moment on I was on track to uncover and learn all I could about this miraculous Therapy. Emethy® has been my life-long advocacy now for over 33 years. See The Emethy Story. .

The Fall of 1982 ushered me into an amazing field of body work called Polarity therapy which is a powerful therapy that combines western healing techniques (chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy, cranio - sacral therapy) with ancient healing systems (Indian Aryuveda, Reflexology, Yoga).  Polarity Therapy was Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone who traveled the world learning about dying ancient body works for over 50 years, According to the principles of Polarity Therapy, the body is made up of 5 Elemental energies that weave mental, emotional and physical patterns. When these energies are in harmony one will experience completeHealth. I began studying Polarity in 1982 and was a live-in apprentice studying Polarity Therapy until 1985. Dr. Stone stated: "I have stumbled onto a science which blends the old concept of energies in the constitution of man and have linked it with scientificResearch." He goes on to say: "To help others by means of these new principles of polarity I have travelled around the world numerous times and treated many patients, mostly in India. I have free clinics to help the helpless and hopeless cases. As a result, I am known from Bombay to Calcutta, and wherever I go, patients are waiting for me as their last hope. I only take cases that failed to respond to other methods of treatment. This I consider a fair test of Polarity Therapy"

In the Summer of 1983 I was one of three chosen, from a well known herbalist- Ed Smith, to attend a 1 month live-in apprentice Herbology course.  Ed and his wife Sarah are founders of a Herb Pharm. This experience was aGIFT & great kick-start into the wondrous world of Herbology.  

Learning about the fascinating art of Polarity Therapy along with being at the helm of Emethy for 37 years has brought me to newfound levels in understanding how life energy and the restoration ofHealth go hand and hand.



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