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Alternative /Holistic Care Sandvox is an amazing Website creator/designer. Emethy's® Website was created using Sandvox.  Simple and yet very elegant and effective in every way.  User friendly with tons of support from Sandvox. Dr. Eddys Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School Description: Our Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner. One of the most Powerful Energy Medicine Products on the planet The finest in personal care and aromatherapy products. Send your tired body on an exotic vacation, your stressed mind to Nirvana and let your awakened spirit soar with our custom blended all natural personal care products. Refresh and relax, or stimulate and invigorate. It's your choice with Awakening Spirit's full line of therapeutic and essential oils.     Check out this informative site covering "State of the Art" Rife/Bare Technology. Ms Tunney offers the most recent innovative Rife/Bare Device. She provides constant, past and current, research of Rife principles and offers much information on this science. 

World Clock Time zones from around the world:) Offers Completely FREE health forums of all types. #1 Maca - 100% Pure Organic Maca - Great Prices!   Women: safe, effective relief for Menopause. Men: naturally enhance Performance. Athletes:an excellent/safe alternative to anabolic steroids. Here we offer complete FREE weight loss and diet help.  Health and fitness products catalog. Ageless wisdom and the most advanced scientific research in a spectrum of healthy programs and products custom designed with your specific needs in mind! Lots of information on personal development and alternative healing techniques. Learn about subtle energies, Reiki, Shamonic healing, handwriting analysis and much more. A fun site to explore Nine years of research and experimentation that has led to a patented family of Sayfer cold percolation systems.  Unlike ANY energy medicine product on the planet!  Each formula creation is unique and provides at least 1 year of use.  Emethy® formulas can be shared with family and friends.  Remedies available for most ANY challenging condition.  No side effects nor overdose can be had with this ONE OF A KIND modality.  Ask for discounts:)

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