The Emethy® Story



Founder of Emethy®- Gail Jacobsen, 

Uncovered Emethy® in 1981


One unusual experience after the next led me to a place that has always been deep in my heart- Africa. I felt it was destined for me to fall extremely ill with a chronic infection and overwhelming fever while on safari in the bush of Zimbabwe. Little did I know this "Blessing in disguise" was about to change my life. A vial of Emethy was handed to me with the spoken words "It's worked wonders for me just use it". Within minutes I felt my pulse change and the swelling in my throat being soothed. This momentum of positive energy affected me more with each passing moment as I held on to Emethy. I marveled at this little bottle as my fever broke and the infection left. The next day I was on my feet and out on safari.

Written by: Founder of Emethy®- Gail Jacobsen


As a young child I was captivated by maps of Africa. The untamed Outland intrigued me and pulled me to it over and over again.  As my Mom continually observed my drawing and coloring in the various landforms of Africa she remarked “You know Gail, there are other maps you can draw”. I replied, “Not like this one and I’m going there one day”.


Shortly thereafter, I found myself borrowing books from the San Francisco library which were mainly about Africa. Reading them wasn’t really the goal, it was more about holding those books, feeling as if a weight of gold were in my hands. All the signs were there that would eventually lead me to one of the grandest discoveries ever.


While standing on a hilltop in Madeira Portugal, prior to journeying to Africa, I turned to a traveling friend and said I’m going to bring something back from Africa that will change the world. Shortly thereafter, my friend and I found ourselves on a Cargo Boat which sailed from Greece to Kenya. After 2 months in Kenya we decided to stroll the harbor in search of some boat that would take us on a high seas adventure. There we met a gold mining couple and their 2 young children who had just fled their politically troubled home in Zimbabwe.

The couple owned a 78 foot yacht called The Dolly Panthreath in which they aimed to sail to some Island that they could call home. After being invited onboard they told us that they were heading for the Seychelles Islands. We cheerfully offered our services to sail the 1,000 mile crossing via the Indian Ocean to Seychelles. They happily agreed to take us on. We set sail across the long stretch of sea the following morning. 

We stayed in Seychelles for over a month then set course south east of Seychelles for Mauritius Island. Shortly after our departure, a huge storm blew us south west to the Comoros Islands which was the total opposite charted course. 

After landing on the small French Island of Mayotte I met an American Missionary man who invited us to afternoon tea. He wanted to introduce us to a pilot, Josh, who flew specialty foods to this remote island.  We hit it off so well with Josh as he told us in great detail of the captivating beauty and landscape of Zimbabwe.  You could see the love in his eyes that he had for his Country.  He boldly stated “You shouldn’t miss Zimbabwe” and proceeded to invite us to fly back with him on his then empty DC10. Right there on that note I was ready to fly to Zimbabwe with him on his planes wing.

Shortly after our arrival in Zimbabwe we found ourselves hitching a ride up to Victoria Falls. On the way back we thumbed a ride from a Ranger at Wanke Wildlife Reserve. The Ranger told us we shouldn’t miss out on a safari through that park. I explained to this Ranger that we did not have a car and it would not be reasonable to enter a wildlife reserve without one. The Ranger assured us that he had plenty of time to personally motor us about so we agreed to go with him. It was in this park that I fell extremely ill with a life-threatening infection and overwhelming fever. It was the worse case of strep throat I had ever experienced. My traveling friend tried breaking my fever with hot and cold compresses to no avail. As the infection advanced my throat swelled and began closing up, the infection was so severe that my head was propped up on pillows just so i could breathe. After all else failed an Irish woman who was on bird watching safari appeared in my hut and handed me a bottle of Emethy®. She wet the bottle and placed it in my hand, stating “it’s worked wonders for me, just hold it.” As i held onto this bottle I could feel my throat being soothed and within a short span of time my fever fully subsided.

This extraordinary event altered my life forever as Emethy® delivered a complete cure from my ongoing decades of strep throat.  

                       I had finally discovered my “lifelong” vision.


The following day I was up on my feet as if nothing happened which was a wonder to me as it always took at least a week for recovery from previous bouts of strep throat. I raced to the bird watcher woman that morning and asked her: “What is Emethy®, how does it work?” She simply said: “I don’t know how Emethy® works but here is the woman’s name and phone number that you can contact when you arrive back in Harare- the central town of Zimbabwe. My energy levels & spirits were UP just pondering upon this little miracle bottle and where it would led me next.


I couldn’t wait to get back to Harare and ring up this mysterious woman who through the creation of Emethy® saved my life. Within the first few moments of our phone conversation Ms Malika asked in rather an urgent manner “when can you come here". After hanging up I was on the next transport heading to her home. I pondered on how our conversation gently flowed and somehow I felt as though I was going to see my long lost Grandma.

It was a convincing site upon arrival to witness the stream of people, with smiles etched upon each face, queued up to see Ms. Malika for treatments.

As I finally came face to face with Ms Malika’s brilliant blue eyes and glittering silver hair I felt completely at ease. She radiated a sense of peace about her that was quite palpable.

Ms Malika greeted everyone with a deep sense of knowing as she gathered hair samples of each person, one at a time, and ventured off into a private room. In that silent place she appointed her pendulum to detect the problems of the person. She would then reappear with the appropriate Emethy formulas as she consulted with the individual in a secluded area.


Ms. Malika guided my friend and I out into her garden. As the three of us stood there I eagerly asked her “who gave you this information?” She gestured up with her hand to the sky as she answered “it’s a gift from Him” She went on to say that as a child, before she could walk, she instinctively knew that this herb was good for this, as she pressed her hand to her head, and that herb was good for that, as she pointed to her chest. Her humble answer rang of sheer truth.

To this day I can still remember every detail of her physical presence along with each word she graciously parted to me. At the time of her articulating various facts of Emethy I sensed that her words were etched in gold and that my total attention was being called upon to recall each detail. I knew then as I know now, those words were meant for my ears only and that I should tuck that sacred information away deeply in my heart.


In 1987 I experienced a vivid re-run of every fact that Ms. Malika shared with me about Emethy®. Almost like the key and kite experience that led to the extensive world of electricity that we know of now.  I clearly saw new facets far beyond the Ms Malika’s Emethy® that saved my life six years prior. If I ever knew of anything to be true this was that moment.

I was on a fast track to get to the local herb store as I raced to my room and  dressed. I couldn’t wait a moment more to start the creation of Emethy® formulas, I had found my life long mission and was eager to get rolling. My then Spouse  asked, "what in the world are you doing?". It must have seemed so strange to him to see me moving at that rate of speed. My answered to him was, "I saw what I have to do". Still perplexed he replied “What is it that you have to do?”  “I have to bring Emethy® to the world" I answered. Not knowing anything about Emethy® that statement confused him even more and as I blew through the door I thought to assure him by saying, “Wait, you’ll see".


Shortly thereafter I had awoke at 3am with an oozing red left eye, it was burning and half its normal size. It seemed a natural inclination to saunter out into the kitchen to my substantial herb counter. Instinctively, I placed my right hand over the stinging eye as my left hand slowly swept along each jar of individual herbs. When a buzzing or tingling sensation was felt I would pull that herb jar off the shelf onto the counter. After scanning each jar, with this sweeping technique, there was a total of 5 jars of herbs sitting on the counter. The herbs I dowsed were: Echinacea, Golden Seal, Eyebright, Cleavers, and Garlic. Curiously, I consulted my Holistic Herbal book to see what these herbs were indicated for and sure enough those very herbs were suggested for eye infections. I knew then that another gift had graced me, being able to tune into the storehouse of Radiesthesia or better know as Dowsing. I went to bed holding onto that custom made Emethy® formula and woke up in the morning to see that my eye had completely cleared.


In attempt to deepen my understanding of energy awareness I lived and studied at the Alive Polarity Institute in Southern California for 3 years. According to the principles of Polarity Therapy, the body is made up of 5 Elemental energies that weave mental, emotional and physical patterns. When these energies are in harmony one will experience complete health. Understanding Polarity Therapy along with other advanced forms of research helped to transcend the original form of Emethy® to what it is today 

In 1987, after extensive research, I worked to integrate Emethy® into my Polarity Therapy practice. Emethy® sessions were given to clients prior to Polarity treatments and the results proved transforming! The demand for Emethy® formulas quickly grew greater than for my hands on Polarity treatments- which said volumes.


With deep respect, I wrote a letter to Ms Malika requesting permission to establish Emethy® in the USA. Three weeks later I received a letter from Zimbabwe, I eagerly opened it and with my heart racing the letter read: “I have received your letter and heartfelt request for introducing Emethy® to the USA. “With much regret I am sorry to say that my Mother died and did not leave a scratch of information pertaining to Emethy® or of how it works.”  The letter was signed from Ms. Malika’s daughter.


With a grateful heart I stand in awe for the extraordinary events that led me to Emethy®. I truly believe that everything unfolded, exactly as it did, not only to save my life, but to preserve Emethy's® precious method. Since my first encounter with Emethy®, in 1981, I have never had another outbreak of strep throat. Prior to discovering Emethy®- starting at the tender age of 7 years young- I had reoccurring strep throat at least twice a year which involved a trip to the doctor, drugs & days of recovery. I felt then as I do now that I was entrusted with the precious gift of The Emethy® Torch Carrier. 

Emethy® has helped thousands of souls over the last 36 years and, with that HIGHER POWERS grace, it will continue to do so. 

Each day I feel deeply blessed with the greatest sense of gratitude for having this miraculous modality handed to me.  

My ultimate goal has always been to help others and to introduce Emethy® to those who are in need of its gentle yet powerful touch.

Gail Jacobsen- Founder of Emethy®


Emethy's® PROPRIETARY method consist of specially treated herbs and minerals that transmit an electrical charge of positive energy within moments of use.

Emethy's® Unique current of energy promotes positive mental, emotional and physical changes.

There is no guess work with this method as the perfect dose per individual is imparted every time.

Emethy® is 100% safe for every soul as there are no harmful side effects nor can an overdose occur.

Reverses negative Energy

Emethy® has been reported to negate harmful EMF'S from cell phones, TV's, etc. Emethy® defends and balances our delicate electrical field.


Only the BEST- Organic & wildCrafted ingredients are used in each Emethy® creation.

Each Emethy® creation is made with care and Love.

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The Research, Development and Marketing of Emethy® is well & alive and has transformed many lives for over 36 years:)

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The Price of Freedom is Responsibility

Most orthodox medical institutions in America frown upon self health care and the use of herbs, natural foods and other natural healing modalities. However, it should be every American's inherent right to freely choose for themselves whatever type and source of health care He/She deems appropriate. In this light it must be emphasized, however, that practicing such medical freedom requires the responsibility of acquiring valid health information and skills. In addition one needs to use wisdom to recognize when professional health care is needed and choose that health care with discretion. Although people have reported remarkable results using Emethy, there are no promises to produce any certain results or to offer refunds. Homeopathic, Flower Essence and other Alternative Companies basically have the same guidelines- NOBODY can make assurances! Medical Doctors dare not guarantee results or refunds as they would surely go out of business.

 Gail Jacobsen- Founder of Emethy®