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You may feel a little uncertain with the unfamiliarity of Emethy's® method and how it works. Well, the first thing you can do is rest assured that Emethy® may be different but not difficult. In fact it is Effective, Safe and Simple to use.

Emethy® (Electro Medicinal EnergyTherapY) is a therapeutic method that balances the body's elaborate electrical network. Emethy's® unique formulas are produced by a PROPRIETARY method of ActivatedHerbs, minerals and other organic matter are sealed shut in glassBottles. An electrical charge of energy is instantly released when the Emethy®Bottle makes contact with water. Water acts as a conductor that releases Emethy's® harmless energy through our highly sensitive nerve endings.

Balancing Our Blueprint (Electrical Field) Is Key

An electrical current or life force is present in all living matter. 

These intricate electrical fields- our bodies Blueprint structure- is responsible for energizing mind and matter. An imbalance in this electrical network results in mental, emotional and physical disorders. 

 It is vital that our electrical energy field is functioning at an the highest Level.

Emethy® produces beneficial results within moments of use. 

Emethy® is not pseudo, you don't even have to believe in it to get results.

See The Emethy Story

There's No Guess Work With Knowing The Proper Dose

Your own body dictates the exact dose necessary with each session

You cannot overdose with this method, nor will any side effects occur. 

Emethy's® AstuteTechnology is virtually mistake-proof.

Each Emethy® Remedy Will Serve EVERYONE!

You can share your Emethy® remedies with Family, Friends, Pets and Plants:)

Ecologically Beneficial:

Unlike repeated costs of consumable products, each Emethy® ANGEL                                                                                                                                                                                     will serve you for at least ONE FULL YEAR with UNLIMITED use.

The Perfect Self-Help Tool:

Emethy® is like having your own personal therapist, 

Each Emethy® Remedy is there for you whenever you need help.

Rapid Results:

Results within moments of using Emethy®.

100% Safe For Every Living Soul:

Experience 100% mistake-proof results with Emethy’s® brilliant method.

Negates Harmful Energy Fields:

Emethy® helps protect you from negative energy fields stemming fromcomputers, power lines, cellular phones, T.V.'s, microwaves and other dangerous EMF's. 

It does so by recharging your body's electrical system helping your body to tolerate these harmful frequencies.

Your Personal Travel Companion:

Emethy® is a fabulous to have on hand while traveling, 

Emethy® will keep you strong, balanced, protected & energized!

The Emergency Kit-

Emethy® formulas are great to have with you for instant help. 

Keep your Emethy® formulas:                                                                                                                                                       

At home, in your auto, at the office, while traveling and anywhere you go. 

"Don't leave home without them"


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